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Psikusy - remix your dog

Psikusy - remix your dog

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The “PSIKUSY. Remix your dog” is a picture book showcasing how mixed breed dogs arise. Activities focus on dog personalities, shapes and colours, and the process of development that only nature can create.The publication contains 40 cards of purebred dog breeds, designed for cutting and making collages. Using the cut muzzles, paws, bellies, tails, shags, and patches  it is possible to create various “hybrids” of the dog world. Numerous of shapes as well as graphic and painting techniques gives an infinite number of dog variations. Portrait of dog can be framed and put on the wall next to family photos and used to create an animation. The interactive packaging is also a puzzle that allows to create a dog face with ears and a tongue. The book is dedicated to children and adults, with the idea to promote mixed-breed dogs and mongrels.


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